Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I tell ya it ain't safe some days......

It was a really nice day and I thought I'd sit outside for a bit on the back porch. My son came out to check out the weather too.

Beside the chair I was sitting on is a big plastic storage box that we keep stuff it. Ususally garden books and magazines that my husband reads candles....ya know...stuff.

My son and I were chatting away and just for the heck of it I decided to look in the storage box. I have no idea why I did but.....EEEEEK.

Staring at me was this big fat male raccoon!!!! It hissed at me and I dropped the lid.

My son looked at me and burst out laughing. I guess my face must have been picture.

From the SMELL...YUK...this raccoon had obviously been stuck in the box a couple of days. It probably was able to lift the lid and get in but it couldn't get out.

I'm sorry I didn't take pictures of the racoon but it seemed a bit annoyed at me for disturbing it.

Needless to say the men of the house had to eject said raccoon from the box. All the contents had to be thrown out because either they had been chewed or pooped on......sigh.

I think it was a good thing I discovered it when I did. Can you imagine the pong if it had died in there? Geez.

Of course my family thought it was hilarious as these types of things happen to me. It's like I have a sign around my neck.

We are finally in spring mode here. The construction across the street has started in earnest as the weather has settled down at bit. Yesterday they poured the cement for the basement floor. Quite entertaining :)

Take care:)


  1. Ooops! What a shock. So glad you found it when you did though. xx

  2. Yikes! That would scare the bajeepers outta me!

    Glad you found the darn thing and got him out. I'm sure he was just as scared as you were.

  3. OMG, we have a similar box on our back deck. It's beside the BBQ. I hope we don't ever get a visitor in there. Lucky it only hissed at you. They have a mean bite.

  4. Wow. You were very lucky. One time I saw a picture of a lady that found a racoon and it jumped at her and bit her in the face!! Ugly thought for sure.

    Yesterday we found a bird scull on the front deck. Must have died and been buried in the snow over the winter. You just never know what you will find.

    Glad your weather is better, as ours is too. You will have a few entertaining weeks while they build that house.Hope the workers aren't Roly Polys when they take their shirts
    xx, Carol

  5. LOL you showed remarkable calm putting the lid back on!
    heavens what a shock it must have been !

  6. Whew..... It's one of the things that really is only funny after the fact ..... good thing it only looked at you.....

  7. Oh boy - too bad the camera hadn't been zeroed in on your face when you made THAT discovery!! Our son called this week to tell us that they have a family of raccoons residing under their house. Not sure what they're going to have to do to get rid of them, but until they do our grandson can't go in the yard to play.

  8. Life is just one surprise after the other. Gee, hardly looks like a house would fit between those two shown. :{

  9. Reminds me of the time we discovered a possum in the dog food can! talk about a shock - and it hissed too!

  10. Oh my gosh, thank goodness you found the poor guy when you did, he would have been an ex-racoon pretty soon! Sorry all your stuff had to be disposed of, I'm sure it smelled a little ripe :O/ Hope the noise and dust, etc. of the construction isn't impacting you too much Mary Ann.


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