Friday, April 17, 2015

The Sounds of Spring and Summer.......

We live in an area of prime real estate. The two houses across the street and the house next door have been sold for a very nice chunk of change. 

The two across the street were sold to developers to rebuild. They have already taken down one house and will be starting on the second one soon I guess.

The sounds of a back hoe digging up a foundation....IS to my ears :(

The view from my sewing room window......

They are building mega houses. The two that are going in there are ugly in my humble opinion.

One around the corner sold had a nanny suite, a 400 bottle wine cellar, a 7.1 movie theater, a gym and a built in office. You get the picture at how large the new houses are. The neighbourhood is really changing fast. We've lived here about 38 years and the neighbours that sold next door even longer.

We get realtors are our door and on the phone asking us to's tempting:)

I think it's going to be a long noisy dusty summer.

Take care:)


  1. I often wonder what will happen to those mega-houses in the years to come. Are they destined to become the rooming/apartment houses of the future? Makes one wonder. Good luck with the noise, dust and upheaval.

  2. aw! Times they are a changing. We are very rural and in last five years we went from none to two neighbours across the road. :( If a realtor knocked on my door hubby would come home wondering why all our stuff was at the end of the driveway. vbsigh

  3. If you've been there for that long, it's obviously a great location. Where would you go if you sold? I love where I live and would not think of moving. We've been here almost as long as you and there's lots of change all over. East York bungalows being torn down and rectangles being built.

  4. I hate monster mcmansions. and most of them are ugly!

  5. Funny. I live in an area where there is a mansion in the next block and a run down that should have been a tear down, but sold anyway. We have been here about 40 years. I can't imagine where I would want to go after all these years. My dogs would probably run away and come back here. After all, all their girlfriends live on the other side of the fence, lol.
    xx, Carol

  6. I sympathise with you trucks and diggers trundling round doesn't make for calm and tranquillity.
    Like Maggie says, houses for the mega rich aren't for everyone, a sad comment on what we are building for the future.
    400 bottle wine stores when half the world is starving for food and water.
    Of course you could befriend the new occupants, get yourself in their will and then bump them off?
    Although if your home is liable to sell so well as real estate, your own family may do that to you!
    Be wary what they feed you girl lol

  7. That's a tough call. It sure would be nice to have all that money from the lot, but could you stand to see your house torn down too? And where would you go with that money?

    I thought the trend was for smaller houses now.

  8. Arghhh, so sorry you are having to live through this Mary Ann :O( I don't understand the need for these ridiculous immense houses, talk about a waste of money and resources just so you can keep up with the Jones'. If you sell, will you be able to find something comparable at a decent price? It's a tough decision especially when you have so many memories in your lovely home. You can always ask an exorbitant price and if someone is dumb enough to take it make your decision then? Wishing you luck and a quiet summer!!


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