Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!!

It is April isn't it? This is what we woke up to this morning.....

Ermmm..... Mother Nature......IT"S SUPPOSED TO BE SPRING!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I was a bit surprised when my husband asked me late last evening if I had seen the snow. Warmer temperatures will soon be here and we can enjoy spring then. At least we didn't get the amount that the Maritimes have.

  2. I sure am glad I didn't wake up to that today. In the state of Ohio our weather is like a roller coaster.

    Fortunately, it was a beautiful spring day full of sunshine and I couldn't help myself to doing a little yard work.

    I hope Sunny Days will come your way soon. (Well happy spring anyways)!

  3. Finally we have had some spring weather. Hope you had a lovely holiday.
    xx, Carol

  4. We have had bright sunny weather over Easter but still chilly. Sure don't fancy your snow.

  5. Oh girl!
    The only thing to be said for is, that it will probably kill off any kill joy bugs around about.............perhaps human viruses too.
    But then the poor bees and butterflies may not survive!
    Hope the snow shifts soon for you all.

  6. Yeh..... same thing here.... spring in Canada, right?? ....sheeeeeeesh.........

    It's a perfect day to stay in and bake...and make another Dotee....hahahhaha....I'm at 12 now.... one more for the perfect Baker's Dozen.... that's my aim for my little self imposed project. I wish I had not already given 3 away...yesterday, I had a good idea for a photo shoot.................... I may have to make a few extra in order to accomplish it now...and, not send them away just yet....

  7. That is such a bummer, isn't it? I wish you warmer weather soon!

  8. Your back garden is very beautiful! I would love to see it again when spring arrives and everything is bursting into bloom. Don't worry - she's coming soon!

  9. We went out to dinner last Sat. night and HUGE fluffy flakes started to fall as we entered the restaurant. Within the hour (8pm) we had 2" of snow !!! It stayed all day Sunday ... omg ! where is spring ?


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