Wednesday, March 18, 2015

StitchMap Class Done!!!!

Last summer I started a Traditional Redwork class with a Yahoo group called StitchMap. For various and sundry reason I couldn't finish it and had to stop at lesson 3.

I joined a new session of the class and I'm proud to say I stuck to it and finished all six lessons. Most of the stitches covered are ones that everyone knows but it was really great to sit down and learn to do them correctly.

At the end we took each of the small embroideries we did and made sewing weights and a bag to put them in. The weights are to hold down your pattern when you are cutting it out. I'll be honest I'll probably never use them but what the heck.

Here are my weights and the bag I made.

Yes there is blue and green...these colours became popular in "redwork" embroidery in later years as the dyes they used for the thread became colourfast.

The bag even has a lining!!!!!

Before I took this class I did the Color Theory class on StitchMap as well. It was quite interesting. Here are a few of my samples for my workbook.

I think I'm done with classes for awhile....I'm pooped.....LOL

Take care:)


  1. These are beautiful MaryAnn. I especially love the tree. Just looking at your work makes me wish I stuck with the beginner block quilt class I joined with you but never started.

    The bag is very nice and your fabric choices are so cheerful and fun. I love the bird theme.

    Thanks for sharing some of your workbook stitches....lovely work.

  2. Good for you - you finished. The colour theory samples look very interesting. I like the sewing weights and your bag for them. You never know, you may need them one day.

  3. Love th eembroidery especially the bags. And th e Colour theory is interesting.

  4. Lovely little sewing weights, useful to have

  5. Wonderful makes from your classes Mary Ann, love your pattern weights and that adorable little bag! Great visual expression of the colour theory class as well. Enjoy your well earned rest LOL!

  6. You've created some great samples and you never know when you will need your pattern weights. Looks like they were fun classes.


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