Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Intermediate Crazy Quilting Class - Task #6 - Monogram

Man it is hot, hot, hot outside. It is about 34C on my back porch with a humidex of over 40. Canada is the only country that uses humidex. If your interested in what it means you can go....here:)

We are not used to this heat as we have had the worst summer ever...cool and wet. Today is the type of weather we should get in August. Go figure. It's almost September and now we're getting summer? Better late than never I guess. But as I type this the sun has disappeared and clouds are moving in....again:(

I'm speeding along with my CQ class with Kathy Shaw and am almost caught up with the assigned tasks so far.. I have just done my very first monogram. At one time it was very common to monogram various personal items but I guess the fashion gradually died out. For CQ work though, monograms are perfect for filling up an empty space.

I found some free alphabets on Mary Corbet's site and used a simple script for what I planned to do. Nothing complicated as my embroidery skills don't go there.

Yes I know I said back when that I was going to do TAST on Pintangle but I got side tracked. I am definitely going to do it so I can use more that four stitches....or is that five?

I decided to do my monogram on my "Grape" block....I'm calling it that for obvious reasons:)

I had some fibre that I bought at Michael's in the scrapbook section. I tacked it down using matching embroidery thread. I then added some pearls which I may or may not keep.

There you go...."M" for Mary Ann or Mum or whatever:)

I'm joining up today with The Needle & Thread Network where my fellow Canadians show their current projects. I haven't done so in ages so I thought I'd go over and see what's up....see you there:)

Take care:)


  1. You have been busy Mary Ann. I have missed you:-)

  2. Lovely block, we have had a very hot summer out west and dry.

  3. It looks lovely Mary Ann! And we are the only country that uses the humidex?! Who knew, I though it was used everywhere! Finally warm again here but only for a day or two and then back to cooler temps. I'm so not ready for fall yet! Happy stitching!

  4. Looks lovely. Love the pearls. Very hot day here too. I'm sewing sequins and they are sticking to me everywhere :-)

  5. O, I love the purples...such a perfect color block. You monogram is lovely. I'm looking forward to that class too. It starts again in October..Yay...just before all the holidays start ~lol~
    xx, Carol

  6. Great looking grape block and your monogram looks lovely with the couched down fibre, lazy daisy stitches and the pearls.

  7. Purple is my favourite colour, so I'm liking this a lot! Love how you did the monogram.

  8. The pink looks lovely with the purple and keep the pearls.
    hugs Mrs A.

  9. We too have had a wet, cool summer but looking at next weeks forecast it is sun, sun, sun! Ah well, I always love September. Great colours and fabrics in your grape block and the monogram is brilliant, well done. I have started doing TAST - have found stitches I had never heard of and I call my self an embroiderer! Go for it. xx Oh yes and keep the pearls.

  10. I'd not thought of using fibre for a monogram. It's a beautiful piece and it's inspired me too....well, we'll just have to wait and see.


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