Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rainy days.....

So far this summer has been rather wet weather wise and the garden is flourishing because of it. More than's going nuts...LOL

I thought I'd show you some pictures. 

We have a fairly long growing season here but we don't usually see this many tomatoes so early. 



They look like bunches of grapes.
Beefsteak...they are all on one branch
This cherry tomato plant is as tall as me!! I'm 5 foot 5 inches.
Herbs...all newly planted this year from itty bitty plants.

Parsley and chives

Lemon basil and oregano. I thought for sure the oregano wouldn't survive. There is sage there too.
Lettuce and Swiss chard
The two stonecrop plants are enormous and are giving our green pepper plants a bit of a crowding but not to worry. I checked and there are peppers already:)

The poor St John's Wort is also huge this year and sadly took quite a beating from a heavy storm we had a few weeks ago. It's blooming profusely though. There are so many bees on it that you can't go near it. They are very possessive those bees.

The hanging baskets were put out overnight because it was raining yet again....I see I need to do a bit of dead heading. can't see them but they are in there:)
There used to be coneflowers in the space shown in the pic below but this weed...sorry native wild flower... has taken over. I'm not sure what it's called. You see it everywhere in established gardens. I call it a bluebell...not to be confused with English bluebells....but it probably has some fancy Latin name:)

I'm not the gardener by the way. That's my husband who is retired and loves his garden. His motto is a little bit here and a little bit there every day..... when it's not raining of course.

Take care:)


  1. Your flowers are lovely. Our yard is going bonkers too. Hot and Humid weather along with more rain than we need has our yard looking like a tropical jungle.

  2. Our garden (such as it is, on our balcony) is doing well too. We have gigantic tomato plants - hope they have the fruit to go along with their size.

  3. Everything looking really good. Love the hanging baskets.

  4. What a beautiful garden Mary-Ann - congratulations to your gardner/husband! and thank you so much for showing us. xx

  5. Your garden is spectacular!! Lucky you to be married to a man with a green thumb. Thank you for sharing it with us...I LOVE gardens :)

  6. Nice motto, nice garden. I wish I had a hubby that liked gardening.

  7. Those veggies look yummy. I love to garden but we gave up on veggies because we ended up feeding the wildlife and not ourselves. My husband wants to try it again after he retires. Maybe he thinks he'll have the time to scare them away. I'll just be happy if it makes him happy, to try.

  8. Could I borrow your husband please. Those cherry tomatos have my mouth watering. I am not much for gardening, I have great plans, but they never seem to get to fruition. All that green stuff makes me sneeze, darn. Thanks for sharing your bounty.

  9. I've seen them now :-) What a lovely garden you have. Same here this year, seems we have a bumper crop :-) x x x


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