Wednesday, April 16, 2014


More about my crazy quilting sampler on line class with Kathy Shaw.

I'm finding that the silk ribbon embroidery is not my forte.  It looks pretty though. Anyone who can master it rocks in my books...LOL I would say it takes lots of practice to get it right.

I found it was very difficult to keep the soft integrity of the silk ribbon while pulling it through the two layers of fabric. Pliers were needed when doing the vine. Bad planning on my part. A lot of my leaves are over areas where the seams meet and there are four layers of fabric. Ah well this is how you learn stuff...what not to do.....right?

We have now been introduced to Fly Stitch Roses and French Knot Wraps....eeeek !!

Thank goodness there are videos.

I'm posting the videos here so I can find them again. Also you might like to give SRE a try.

Fly Stitch Rose

French Knot Rose
Rosebud Made With French Knot and Beads

Twirled Ribbon Rose.....

Anyway, here is my effort. I think I may be done with this. I'll finish the edges and put it in my stitch diary book for further reference. I've learned quite a bit from this class and I'm considering taking Kathy's intermediate class when she offers it.

If you're interested in cloth doll making, I have also started a new class with Angela Jarecki called The Traveler: Anya and Baba. You can find out what I'm up to over here.

I'm joining up today with The Needle & Thread Network...come on over and see what my fellow Canadians are up to.

Take care:)


  1. Your SRE looks gorgeous. With a little practice it should get easier. I ran into the same problem (of needing to use pliers in places) but I think the final result is worth a little bit of finicky work.

  2. So pleased to see you persevered with the silk as your flowers are lovely and the whole piece looks really pretty. Hugs Mrs a.

  3. Lovely work, Mary Ann. I appreciate the videos. I've picked up my embroidery stuff again and I do like the silk ribbon.

  4. I love all the colours that you used. I have a small kit that uses SRE but I have yet to use it. It would only be through one layer though.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I am inspired to get out my silk ribbon.

  6. Your stitching is just wonderful!

  7. Lovely Mary Ann! I bought a book years ago on ribbon embroidery but after reading the first few chapters I never tried it LOL! Your results are beautiful :O)

  8. I can't choose a favourite element. It's all exquisitely done.


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