Thursday, March 27, 2014

Plan B....C....and perhaps D :)

I was looking through my stash of stuff this morning and I found some dodads for want of a better name:) They are really ancient as they belonged to my mum. I believe they were for lingerie. I put two together and they sort of look like a butterfly don't they? Too big in scale for what I'm doing but maybe a future embellishment on something.

I fussy cut some flowers off some lace I had and then dyed them various colours just too see how they would turn out. They're still wet here and will dry a paler colour....hopefully :)

I used strong colours when I did the embroidery on my block so I think my embellishments need to have some depth as well. I can't wimp out and do pastels.

I cut the lace bits some more and made a motif....of sorts :)

I took the metal butterfly and painted it black as an experiment. I then covered the back with some orange/ yellow fabric. It turned out quite good.

Hmm...I can see a few small spots I missed...need to touch it up a bit...

I've pinned it in place for the moment and I'll look at it for a couple of days to see what I think.

I think I need some bees in this garden......:)

Take care.


  1. Very pretty start for the garden. I think some bees would be a lovely addition.

  2. I like your butterfly, but I think it is too heavy for the quilt. I just like the embroidery...I'm old school.

  3. That's exactly what I do with lace - most of it is just too large for use in CQ, but once it's fussy cut it works perfectly. Love the butterfly too!

  4. Wonderful Mary Ann, you are so resourceful and inventive!

  5. the lace could be angel wings too?
    and your painted butterfly, you can use nail varnish painted across the back too and have different colours in the various openings, though allow each colour to dry first and don't overload the brush!
    love the block your making up!

  6. Oh so pretty! and you're having such fun..lovely to see..your cq creations are just bursting with spring!

  7. You could embroider the bees.... do you have the bullion book? or books? ...there are some cute bee patterns in them... or ..I could show you the one I did and try to find the number of wraps etc. on the bullion stitches if you like..... they are very cute....

  8. Stunning!! I love what you did with the butterfly. It was also interesting to see what you did with the dyed lace. Thanks for the ongoing inspiration.

  9. It's looking great and I love the butterfly.

  10. OH MY! This is so lovely. I enjoy watching your progress. I love the dyed "do dads" lace flowers that you trimmed and dyed. The colors are beautifully vibrant. The butterfly pin turned out well and is very creative. What type of fabric did you use behind the butterfly? Very nice Mary Ann

  11. Your block is gorgeous! I look forward to seeing it when it is complete. It will be fun to see the similarities and differences it has to the block Kathy S. made for the class!


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