Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Year In Review.......Makes and Finishes for 2013.......

Last year I posted about the work I had done in 2012 and was a bit surprised at how much my output was. Sheesh I was one busy lady.

This year I was positive that I hadn't done very much but when you put it all together I have been busy this year too.

Here goes....not in any chronological order.....

A mouse.....with a cute hat. I love making little hats and mice :)

I completely forgot about this one. I participated in an altered CD challenge over at Cloth Doll Artistry.  I made a Steampunk themed picture book.
More pics here
Another CDA challenge. They usually have three each quarter. For this one I had to alter an Altoid tin. I made it into a small fold out book with pictures of butterflies and such on one side and pictures of little girls and more butterflies on the other side. On the front page is a house with a garden gate and at the end inside the box is a small scene of a little girl with her doll.  You can't really see it but each of the butterflies is lightly gilded in gold. Click to enlarge the pics.

 A mini sewing box for my dollhouse....it was a kit and fit together perfectly.

A mermaid from a pattern by Barbara Schoenoff. I used batik that I covered with green lace that had metallic gold highlights.. Her top is made from leaves and flowers that I fussy cut from the same lace. I thought it looked like seaweed. I also made the bead belt around her waist.

This was another CDA challenge. We had to take a New Year's cover from the Saturday Evening Post and interpret the image in clay type medium. This was my first ever and probably my last effort in FIMO...LOL

I also took some online classes to improve my doll making skills.

Abundance with Angela Jarecki....

I loved making that crow:)
The Princess and the Pea with Cindee Moyer....

Lillian and Max with Cindee Moyer....

Max was made of paper clay then covered with strips of paper from an old book.

 Enkai Nou with Angela Jarecki.....

Cloth over a soft sculpted face.. I found it very difficult but I think I would do it again.

More fussy cut lace:)

 I also did some more challenges at Cloth Doll Artistry.....

A Witch.

A Garden Friend...a lady bug.

A Marie Antoinette paper doll. I made her skirt from ordinary white tissue paper that I painted with red acrylic paint. It's amazing how the paint changed the texture of the tissue paper.

A Steampunk Halloween mask. I've decided it may be an owl. I'm not sure what I was thinking about at the time:)

A Zombie Bride......sadly looking for her lost love. I think she looks pretty hopeful.

And, then I tried a little bit of crazy quilting. An idea from Allie Allers Crazy Quilting book.

And a stitch diary to put all my small bits and pieces of stitching.

I think that about does it.

I have no idea what 2014 will bring but I hope you visit with me and see what I get up to.

I'm linking up with The Needle & Thread Network.

Take care:)

Thank you  for your comments about our power outage. The turkey was finally cooked and eaten on Boxing Day so all was well.  It was delish:)


  1. Wow! you have been busy! So many beautiful things….but that little mousey with her little red dress and darling little hat steals my heart….and I still wish I had a beautiful crazy quilted coat like Lady Abundance. I could sure use it now too!!

  2. Just wonderful! I love The Princess and the Pea and that tiny sewing basket is just the cutest. All the best in 2014.

  3. Amazing output, do you have time to eat and sleep. My favourites are Lillian and Max with Cindee Moyer and the doll house sewing kit.
    Looking forward to seeing your 2014 projects.

  4. Wow! And you didn't think you accomplished much?? I love the Saturday Evening Post project!

  5. You have a year of gorgeous things! Can see the improvement from all you classes. Great job Mary Ann!
    hugs Karen

  6. All your items for 2013 are truly wonderful. There were a couple of items I didn't remember seeing....the mouse....she is too cute! the little sewing box and the CD, these are some nice items.
    I love the Steampunk mask, very creative.
    I'm sure 2014 will bring many delightful items as well.

  7. I LOVED looking through your creations. The dolls are amazing. I loved the crow too and the dog covered in the old book! And I'm sure I've visited before because I remember your wonderful mermaid! May you enjoy creating throughout 2014!

  8. Princess and the Pea...hands down...my fave!

    You have certainly created beautiful things this year!!

    What do you do with the dolls? Do you sell them?

  9. Goodness, what a wonderful year you had. You made some fabulous things and I'm always awed by your attention to detail and creativity.

  10. Wow Mary Ann what wonderful creations. I am sure you must be pleased that you made such beautiful art in year 2013

  11. Your pieces are all so wonderful!!! I especially like the altered CD Steampunk picture book and of course all your dolls are fabulous. Looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful stitching and altering, crafting and doll making in 2014.

  12. What a wonderful idea to do a retrospective of your past years projects Mary Ann, such diversity and they are all beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed looking at them very much. Deb

  13. A great year's work. I especially like th mermaid.


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