Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Well Saturday was Grow Your Blog day and what fun it was and still is:) I have visited maybe a third of the almost 600 blogs that were involved. There are some really wonderful blogs out there and if you are interested and want to know what the heck I'm talking about go to my blog post here.

I'm having a giveaway that is open to everyone and will run until February 15th.  So go to my post and leave a comment to be entered.

I also want to send a big thank you to my new followers for joining me here....and, a thank you to all of you that visted my blog to take a look see:)

Now on to WIPs.  If you have looked at my previous posts you will know that I have just ventured into the realm of crazy quilting.

I read somewhere that you should do your block in stages.
  • do the piecing
  • add laces
  • add trims
  • do the embroidery
  • add beads 
  • and, then buttons if any
Sounds like a workable plan. I thought I'd give you peek at what I have done so far.  I added some bits of lace and trim. Some of it is just placed and not sewn on as yet....still pondering.

Rotten picture colour wise:(

You haven't done much you say.......well I have been visiting lots of blogs.....and doing some genealogical research.

Here's the latest.

I had this uncle named Henry but called Harry born in Glasgow in 1911 who was my mum's oldest brother. While I was able to find out about my mum's other siblings I have never been able to find out anything about Harry. All I knew was that he was married....to a war widow with a daughter....and had two other children.


My second cousin who is my research buddy lives in Scotland. She went to the records office in Glasgow on Monday determined to find anything she could about him.

She hit the mother lode.......I was speechless and for me to be speechless....well that never happens....LOL

Yes Harry was married but not to a war widow with a daughter......where that story came from I have no idea...my brother I think. What til I see him...ha!

AND......he had FIVE children. How about that then? I have five cousins born in Glasgow who I have never met and who probably know nothing about me. My family lived in London. We came to Canada when I was 4 1/2 and Harry's children were all born after me. That was strange to find out as Harry was the oldest so you'd think his children would be older but he married when he was 38.

His oldest daughter was married in 1974 to an American soldier. How she met him in Glasgow....who knows? She lives somewhere in the USA now...so close yet so far.

So that was Monday....hopefully the rest of my week will be less shocking:)

I'm joining up with The Needle & Thread Network so come on over and see what my fellow Canadians are up to. 

Take care.


  1. I love the colours in your crazy patch. I love embroidery so I'll be looking forward to watching your progress on this one!

  2. Your crazy block is looking just wonderful! You have some gorgeous trimmings. Good luck with your family search.

  3. Your crazy block is coming along. I do like the colours.

  4. Your block is looking really great! I love the colours and the bits of lace will be such fun to stitch on. Can't wait to see what you do next!

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  7. My comment went in twice and I somehow managed to delete them both.
    Scream.... I'll try again.
    I did say I thought family history fascinating and good when old family myths can be debunked, very exciting.
    Also said I like the use of the doiley on your crazy patchwork.

  8. Your block is looking very pretty. My husband recently found cousins he never knew he had - it has been great fun getting to know them.

  9. Your block is very pretty! Are you using the British ancestry website?

  10. I have gathered a whole BIG plastic container of old and modern lace and trims for just this kind of activity and am going to get stuck in this year,
    along with soupcons and more hexis and more thriller reading.
    Oh and minding 10 month old grandaughter on mondays too and walking the dog, feeding the cats, having grandson occasional days and nights and working 4 days a week.
    Thank goodness I havent got a bloke to worry about as well lol
    Love the block so far, lovely balance of light and dark already.
    How lovely to have unearthed Harry!
    I love that........distant cousins who have travelled farther afield and blow me, might live round the corner even now!
    I have a grandmother's relatives Im trying to trace. She left my Dad and his sister during the night and by all accounts ran off with a travelling pianist. Shes eluding me in the archives and I suspect I am going to have to chase up north and do the local history bit too. (Newcastle)
    Id love to find out why she went bless her, a huge decision to have made back in about 1930.
    There is a site called Long Lost Cousins, have you heard about it?
    What fun! Your block and now your family mystery !

  11. Love looking at Victorian type crazy patchwork. This one is going to be worth waiting for when it's finished. Can't help you with the family history though :-) x x x

  12. Your crazy quilting is coming along a treat. What a find on the Genealogy trail. Must be thrilled to have that particular brick wall broken down. hugs Mrs A.

  13. Love where your crazy quilt block is going Mary Ann, your lace touches are lovely. And congrats on finding out more about your family, I hope to attend a reunion in Quebec in October for my Mom's side of the family. Hope you get to 'meet' some of your cousins now that you've found them! Deb

  14. What a great block. It is lovely!

  15. Exciting genealogical discoveries! I haven't done any family tree work for some time but find it very absorbing when I do. Leaving a gap between doing some, there always seems to be more online when I come back to it. Your crazy patchwork is looking great!

  16. Wonderful block, I love the soft, feminine look of it.


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