Monday, October 28, 2013

A win.....

The Stitch Fiddler had a giveaway recently on her Halloween blog for three little bowl fillers.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) the original winner didn't claim her prize. So the names were put in the hat again and this time I won:) They came in the mail this morning.

I love them...they are so darn cute. They have a sprig of Sweet Annie attached that smells so good.

Thank you  Bethann :)


  1. Very cute! btw - speaking of cute - I could sit an watch your little mouse bouncing up and down on the pincushion for ages. He makes me laugh!

  2. hahah the are cute...and...I'm not even gonna say know what I'm thinking though...@!! I can't believe it.... you and luck ... honestly, buy tickets each week for sure're bound to win big someday MA..

  3. Do you actually feed that mouse or is he just slave labor.. poor little guy. Every time I see him he is working hard. Ow, lovely win :-) x x x

  4. That's a GREAT win! They are adorable!


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