Friday, May 17, 2013

Chuckie is back:)

I'm very happy to see my old friend Chuckie the woodchuck back again this year.

He does such an excellent job eating up all the fruit that those nasty squirrels pick and drop from our apple and pear trees.

Here he is visiting our next door neighbour's garden today. As you can see he's not much bothered by the fact that four people are standing there looking at him......he's keeping an eye on us though:)

He's about the size of our female cat Deva but a lot more heavier I'm sure. 

Spring must be here finally:)

Here's a really lovely black and white picture my son took of Deva recently.....she is a diva.

Take care.


  1. He looks very knowing and in very good condition. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Such wonderful photo's.. GRADE ONE .. thank you .. luvs em.
    We have a scat........... not seen him for a while but when we do never get such beautiful close up photo's x x x x x x x xxx x

  3. Chuckie you are so cute, I wish you could visit me. You are cute too Diva, I don't want to show any favouritism.

  4. He's he a menace? I like the opossum that visits us, but I don't like it when he starts fishing for our fish and snails from the pond. That's when the electric fence goes up. Does this guy cause you any harm?

  5. Chuckie is adorable! So do we all call the same critter different names in different parts of the country? Out here in B.C. I think we'd call him a marmot and he looks suspiciously like the critters they call 'groundhogs' that (supposedly) forecast when Spring is to arrive. Regardless of what he's called, he is lovely and glad he's decided to come live with you again this year :O)

  6. Chuckie is adorable & looks very well fed :-)
    Beautiful b&w of Diva - what gorgeous eyes she has ♥

  7. He looks like he's sniffing every inch of the garden....too cute!


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