Sunday, February 10, 2013

Paper, Scissors, Glue.......

The on-line doll club that I belong to had a challenge to make an album or book out of old CDs.

Source: Cloth Doll Artistry

I've never done any mixed media stuff before but I as I had about 40 old CDs I figured what the heck. I have to tell you that this was too much much fun in fact that I may make another one:)

I started out thinking I'd do a Steampunk I love Steampunk......but I'm not sure if I truly stuck to my theme.

It may be more like Steampunk meets Monty Python....LOL

So here is what I made...

The Cover...


I really didn't have a clue what I was doing but I persevered. I got a bit carried away and instead of four or fives pages I have a few more:)

Below is a video showing how to do a simple album. I chose not to punch a hole in the CDs because I simply didn't have anything that would put a hole in them. Instead I used ribbon as hinges and it worked out well.

A little hint. If you are going to make one of these books and use ribbon as I did then put your hinges on first and put the book together. That way the hinges won't show because you will be covering them with your paper:)

After I was finished I covered the edge of each of the CDs with a thin gold cord. The majority of the images I used came from The Graphics Fairy. There are lots of places where you can get free images. Here are just a few that I have on my blog list.

Digital Two For Tuesday

Stampin D'Amour

Free Vintage Digital Stamps

My Fanciful Muse

Magic Moonlight

Vintage Holiday Crafts

Take care:)


  1. What a fantastic thing to do with old CD's !
    They can be hung where you don't want birds to eat your seeds, berries, too !
    A few years back my group thought it would be a great thing to 'make art' that fits snuggly into an empty CD case !
    People are so resourceful !

  2. ps. forgot to say how gorgeous your album is !

  3. What next I wonder? You would never guess what they were in a previous life now...

  4. Gorgeous steam punk book. Looks like you had fun putting this together. Might have a go at making a vintage style one for myself. Hugs Mrs A.

  5. Looks fabulous Mary Ann! They are addicting. I think you stayed very true to the theme. I think Monty Python is very Steampunk!
    hugs Karen

  6. I like yours best. I don't think I'd use something like this, but I like your answer to the challenge. Sometimes stuff like this looks too "crafty", but you managed to make it look great! Good Job!

  7. Oh my gosh, Mary, this is amazing! Thank you for letting me know. I love the pictures. You have my favourite; the Victorian Skating Boot!

    As for Steampunk and Monty Python, I think Terry Gilliam's animation was Steampunk ahead of its time.Just look at Conrad Poos and his Dancing Teeth!

  8. My word! These are GREAT!! Dang you're creative. I love Monty Python too!! And, I agree with Karen. I've always thought MP was very steampunkish.


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