Thursday, January 31, 2013

Monthy Make...January...

I have no monthly make for January as alas alack the Monthly Make It Challenge has been cancelled for 2013.

Annie at The Felt Fairy has decided not to go forward with the challenge this year and I totally support her decision...... 2012 was  a very rough year for her.

The thing is though I was keeping this blog active just for that challenge. So now I have to have a big think about whether I go forward with this blog.

I don't get a lot of visitors. Most of the activity centers around a post I did on July 24, 2011....Kanzashi In Bloom. I get an average of 15 hits a day for that alone and only that......strange.

I do have other blogs that I'm much more invested in keeping as they reflect more of what I'm about and what I get up to on a weekly basis.

I may just take a hiatus from My Tate Gallery for a bit so not to worry. I'm still around over at A Cloth Doll Maker's Diary.

Take care:)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spam, spam, spam.....

I always think of that Monty Python song when I say the word spam:)

Sadly I have been inundated with spam in the last couple of days which is not's a b!*#dy pain. So I have turned on the spam blocker. Sorry:(

Take care.

Friday, January 11, 2013

One done...9 to go......

The weather today is the pits....wet and dark and dreary. Not the greatest conditions for picture taking.

Here are some pictures of my mousey friend to show you how I'm doing with my UFO....

I think she's done:)

 I gave her a hat. Not an easy chore with those big ears in the way:)

And, I gave her some pantaloons and some shoes with little ribbon roses......

It was hard to get a good picture as every time I tried to get closer my shadow showed...drat.

She has an underskirt of white with some Broderie Anglaise trim and an over skirt of some very fine semi sheer burgundy dot fabric.
She's quite cuddly and would look lovely sitting on a chair or a bed or anywhere really:)

Take care. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Under old UFO:)

My mantra this year is.... finish.... finish...


...and, bits.

They have been languishing in a box for some time waiting to be finished and dressed. There are ten of them...about 16 inches tall. They a very cuddly as they are made from a soft vintage fleece material that I wish I could get more of but alas I bought the end of the bolt.

I actually designed the mouse pattern about 30 years ago. It's very easy to make with a two piece torso. I realize now when I look at it that I was quite a talented pattern designer when I was younger:) My mum taught me. But, like everything else if you don't practice it you lose it.

I'm joining up with The Needle & Thread Network today......take a moment and go over and visit some very talented Canadians.

Take care:)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Year In Review.....

I thought I'd review what I have made this year just for the heck of it. I never realized how much I had done.

Here in no particular chronological  order are my makes for 2012...I think I may have missed a few but whatever....I think I'm safe in saying I was productive.

Unfortunately there are a couple of largish UFO's :(

I'm joining up with The Needle and Thread Network today......I've been a bit lax in my participation recently but I intend to get with it this year.....take care:)