Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday.....

I decided to make some Christmas ornaments that are kid friendly. My granddaughter will be 2 1/2 years old this Christmas and is at that stage when she has to touch and look at everything. Last year all the Christmas trees in the family had bare branches at the bottom.......the decorations were placed up high and away from little hands.

the little imp:)

This year I'm putting decorations at the bottom that she can touch.

I found this really adorable decoration on Pinterest from a blog called....Flamingo Toes ....a mug of cocoa with two little marshmellows floating on will find the pattern and the tutorial to make it at that site.

She's very interested in watching birds at a feeder she made at playschool so I thought an English Robin would be very cute too.....I love when I get cards from Britain with those cute robins on them.

I'm not much of an artist so I looked for a simple picture that I could use as a template and I found one at
I did learn a few lessons making this.......the tail was too skinny so I had to reenforce it with a tiny bit of armature wire.
I glued the wing on upside down but she won't know.....sshhh:)

 Then I made a little red winter coat .....

Of course I had to make some elf's shoes from a pattern designed by Jenny at Allsorts. This is an old pattern that I've made before but this time I printed them at a much smaller size......1/4 of the original pattern size.
I still have a ton of felt so I think it'll keep me busy for a wee while. I found a few more free felt ornament patterns on the internet and once I've made some I'll post some pictures.

I have also completed my mystery project and you can read about it over here.....

I'm joining up today with The Needle & Thread Network..

Take care:) 


  1. Such cute ornaments! it has been awhile since I made any and the coat and elf shoes might just inspire me to work one a few while watching evening tv...

  2. These are amazing! I love everyone of them! And she is just too cute!

  3. She is gorgeous and these ornaments are so cool! What a great idea.

  4. These are great, she will love them!

  5. Your ornaments are wonderful!

  6. Well, lets face it your granddaughter is utterly adorable :-) AH, BLESS HER... lots of kisses and hugs and she would wonder where they have come from... :-) AH. SMOTHER Kisses and hugs :-) x x x

  7. Mary Ann, they are fabulous, what a wonderful grandma you are! Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations, Deb

  8. Such amazing ornaments. I love the bird you designed and made and the cocoa has such a cute face.

  9. I'm dropping by as Miss November to tell you how much I love your felt Makes - that little red coat is just gorgeous!

  10. These are so fantastic!!! Wonderful work, they are really cheerful and lovely.

  11. Oh you have given me some ideas! Those little elf shoes are so cute. You are really ahead of the game for Christmas.

  12. Oh my stars! How pretty and sweet are your decorations? Such detail. Very very nice Mary Ann! I am sure your little cherub of a granddaughter will enjoy the colors and the feel of them. Lovely!
    xo Catherine

  13. These are ADORABLE! Do you make an ornament each year for your granddaughter?? you should...then she will have a nice start to her own tree when she is on her own.

  14. Gorgeous robin and cute ornaments. Your imp is gorgeous x

  15. These ornaments are adorable!! Another wonderful blog - how do you do it? BTW....I thought you might be happy to know that I have finally started making a doll! It's a teeny tiny one, but hey! It's a start :)

  16. I must have missed a pile of your posts! I'm so sorry. This keeps happening with Blogger (grrr!)

    Anyway, these are adprable. That little coat is so cute and I LOVE the shoes! Do they come in people size? I
    d wear them!


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