Thursday, August 16, 2012


For some odd reason our cat Smokey likes to hang out with the St. John's Wort bush in our garden. Usually completely under it and hidden away.

He will spend hours resting there......even when it's teeming down with rain and he's getting soaked. We have no idea why.

At first I thought he was waiting for birds at our feeder but he can't see them as he is facing towards the middle and can't possibly see a thing.  When he's not in sight and we can't find him we look there first:)

Strange cat........

Yes..... the grass is long but lovely and green now......we can't get it cut as it keeps raining which is fine as the farmers desperately need it after the drought we have had. In fact it's clouding over again and it looks like it might rain soon.

Take care:)


  1. They do find the strangest places to sit don't they. Maybe the scent of the bush is what he likes. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Apparently St John Wort is a herbal cure for stress.People with Depression often are prescribed it (as long as they're not alredy taking antidepressants).It must be calming for your cat to love it.
    I think cats are the funniest creatures.
    Our cat once got herself into an old rosemary bush we had.It had died, but was hidden by another bush.Well...the rosemary was stuck to just about every bit of her fur.
    We had to take her to the vet to get her fur cut off.She loved that (grrr......!!)I do like cats!!

  3. It's probably very cool under there...and nobody can see her. Well, she thinks so anyway. They have a way of forgetting that their tails are sticking out!

    I don't blame them for going under there--if I could fit, I'd join them.

  4. Cats are such strange creatures, we will never figure them out. Who knows the reasons behind what they do.

  5. There must be some good sniffs in there somewhere! LOL!

    Happy weekend!
    xo Catherine


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