Friday, June 22, 2012

It rained.....

We got a bit of rain yesterday but it was only the edge of the storm. I wanted to take a picture of how dark it became all of a sudden and this is what I got....

You can see hanging in my window a little chickadee stained glass ornament....look at the tree branches behind it.
getting darker and drops of's about 6:00 pm
a gust of wind in the tree branches
more wind...the branches are starting to whip around

so poor camera couldn't decide what to focus
Those branches were whipping around like was very very windy.  Some areas had hail and some even had tornado warnings. Summer is here:)

Take care.


  1. We only got a bit of wind, dark at about 6:00, some rain but really, nothing like Barrie got or some other places just north. The worst of it seems to have missed our little pocket down here.

  2. wow....what interesting photos it made ....pretty amazing really....

    We are having wind, rain, hail, cold .... all at the same time and some day just one or the other ..... it is not great yet....for a summer....and it is half over really..... sigh........I golfed in hail the other day!

  3. EEEEEK! I don't like the wind. :(

  4. Oh rain...what is that again? I would love to have a nice storm :) that poor little chickadee, though! What he must have thought of all those whipping branches!

  5. oh wow it looks like you got quite the storm hopefully you didn`t get any damage!

  6. There have been some nasty storms out there. I hope everyone stays safe!

    Happy Saturday Mary Ann!
    xo Catherine

  7. Some areas of our state had similar storms come through but we were lucky enough to miss the worst of it. Now if only we could dodge this heat!

    BTW - I loved your post with your son's new curtains....they came out amazing and the background story was delightful. Your talents are tremendous, greatly varied, and always inspirational. Thanks for sharing them with us!


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