Wednesday, June 13, 2012


If anyone out there is missing their followers on their blog you might find this interesting......when I am on Firefox I don't see any followers on my sidebar but when I'm on Internet Explorer I do see them.

So.....does this mean that Blogger is not supporting Firefox?

Has anyone had this happen to them as well?

Just wondering:)


Soggibottom said...

Means the gremlins have taken residence :-)
Ah, no I'm sure your right.
We still have to sort our browser out properly, BUT as it's working so quickly at the moment don't want to rock the boat :-)

Soggibottom said...

HI YA MOUSIE... good to see you.

Lin said...

It's all weird. I have blogs that I have quit following in my blogroll again. I have given up trying to figure it out--I can't delete them and it's a bugger to go through my blogroll each night. Ugh.

Rhissanna said...

I have blogs that I follow, and they're right there in my follow list, but I don't get sent new posts sometimes. My favs (like this one!) I now go and check separately, just to make sure I'm not missing stuff.


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