Friday, February 17, 2012

Postcard swap....

I don't usually do swaps because the postage costs here in Canada are prohibitive (I'm a miserly old misery) but I was interested in a swap that happened over at Frayed At The Edge.

It was for fabric postcards. I hadn't heard of these before but since I have seen more and more out there in blogland. I didn't know the rules but I do now...LOL

My swap partner was a lady who lived in Berwick upon Tweed in England. She wasn't a blogger so I was a bit tentative as to what to do and what she would like. I couldn't visit and spy....drat.

This is what I sent her......

I thought I would do something that was Canadianish.....hence the North American Robin. Our robins are very different than the robins found in Britain. The embroidery pattern is from Sublime Stitching and is based on the artwork of Ryan Berkley. I faffed around with this thing for ages and ended up just putting the head onto the card. I did have a print of an old fashioned postcard on the back but I forgot to take a picture of it.

I was also supposed to send a postcard showing where I lived.....

I used to work on the 50th floor of one of the tall office buildings to the right of the CN Tower....I had a fabulous view of Lake Ontario:)

Now my swap partner wrote me a lovely letter and she did do a bit of research on me so her postcard is totally's purple and has a mouse on it:)

Isn't it cute:)

She also sent me a map and some postcards.....

I think my hubby wants the map...maybe I'll give it to him.

Take care:)


  1. Berwick is lovely. My Dad retired there. It's on the English-Scottish border and used to get regularly passed between each side.

    I love the idea of fabric postcards! Your robin is very dapper and I love the iridescent butterfly.

  2. You received some sweet little cards and such Mary Ann! Why is our postage so high here in Canada? I sent a card with a book mark inside down to the U.S. and it cost me almost $5! What???

    Have a happy weekend!
    xo Catherine

  3. hey I just saw the postcard of Mr. Robin over at Anne's blog.... very nice .....

    I know what you are saying about the damn postage. It's gotten ridiculous!
    They have taken all the fun out of us sending stuff ..I bet if they lowered postage.... millions more people would use Canada Post instead of the few left using it now .... what a bunch of spoilsports ...

  4. Love the postcards and I just want to say, that according to a postal station supervisor who I happen to know, he says, postage costs are higher in Canada than in some other countries because the government (read taxpayer) does not subsidize the costs, the parcels, envelopes and other shipping is what it actually costs. US postal system is highly subsidized by the taxpaying individual and thus their rates do not reflect actual cost... And I must thank you Mary Ann for putting a link to my blog on your sidebar!

  5. This sounds like such a fun swap! Its a great idea :) both cards are so lovely!~

  6. Oh, how fun! I like to see what others get, but I imagine it is hard to figure out what to send someone. I think you did very well!


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