Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Groudhog Day!!!!!!!

Well our resident groundhog...Chucky...hasn't made an appearance yet but it's still early in the day.

I have no idea why he comes into our garden but I think he likes to eat the apples and pears that fall from our fruit trees. He's kinda like an uber squirrel and he does a very neat job of cleaning up the windfalls.

I haven't got a picture of him to show you as I never have a camera with me when he appears but then again a picture of his departing rear end isn't so glamorous anyway. does it work again?...... if a groundhog does not see it's shadow it means that spring is only 6 weeks away.......or, that we have 6 weeks left of winter depending on your point of view. I prefer to think spring is almost here.  We have no snow left as it has been unseasonably warm which is a good thing. It really feels springlike. It's been the best winter we have had in years.

So have a happy February 2nd matter what that groundhog does.......spring will be here soon:)

Take care.


  1. happy ground hog day! I'm wondering when our winter will finally arrive. I've never seen a ground hog! I dont know that we have them here....

  2. Happy Groundhog Day Mary Ann! And lucky you to have your very own groundhog in your garden, I think they are too cute. Hopefully he didn't see his shadow today so that Spring will be here soon. We've had a very mild and dry winter here in B.C. as well, just a skiff of snow on the ground now. Think Spring!

  3. We don't see many groundhogs in the 'hood, but they are in the nearby forest preserve. Which is good because I'm already up to my bum in raccoons and opossum.

    Here is my thing with the "prediction": Spring will come sometime after March--if you are lucky. Count on some snow in April, but it will melt quickly. If you are looking for a "given"--it warms up in May....IF you are lucky.

    Don't need no groundhog for that. :)

  4. A groundhog was shown on TV here. The decision was; you have 6 more weeks of winter.

  5. Groundhog day came and went here too...with no pics of hogs...but, I do have a pic of one of Gretel's geese on my blog..hahahha....I want one. I'm gonna try to make me one..... good luck to me....

  6. I don't think groundhogs travel across water well :-) But I promise if I ever see one down near our stream trying to borrow the bird food I will let you know. Ah.... rear end is better than nothing :-) Sounds as if he is like the seals I tried to take a snap of a few weeks ago. Lots of sea and wave photo's, no seals, not even a back flipper.
    :-) X X X


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