Friday, January 13, 2012

An interesting quilt challenge.....

At this time of year there are so many different challenges starting up for the new year. This year I'm doing the Monthly Make-it Challenge again that I blogged about here and I'm also doing the TUSAL. I'll tell you about TUSAL later in the month but if your interested I have created a separate page on the top bar stating the rules.

I found a challenge for quilters today that I thought you might be interested in....
Colour My World - Colour Your World Challenge? I found it over on a blog called Quilt Matters.

The rules are very easy and open. The basic rule is that you have a main colour that you focus on each month:

January - Red
February - Purple
March - Black
April - Yellow
May - Cyan/Aqua
June - Brown
July - Pink
August - White
September - Orange
October - Grey
November - Blue
December - Green

I'm not a quilter but I thought I could informally follow along and work within these colour guidelines myself for my other little projects that I'm doing.

And, for some of you bloggy friends who have wondered where I have been......I have been SICK...:(
I have had a really bad cold since Christmas. It started with a teeny tiny tickle in my throat and then grew to be a major event. I ended up with this major sinus headache that lasted for about six know the kind...where your brain feels like it's bouncing off  the inside of your skull.

I had a doctor's appointment on Monday and he gave me (at no cost) a triamcinolone acetonide aqueous nasal spray. After reading the two page insert explaining all of the possible side effects and the fact that I would have to take the medication for 30 days!!!!!! I decided not to use it. Instead I took two extra strength Tylenol, two big teaspoons full of Buckley's original cough syrup with decongestant, a Reactin and put some Vicks Vapo rub under my nose. I then wrapped my neck with one of those microwave hot wheat bag thingies. I was desperate:(

Next morning no headache:) I had a bit of a twinge in my sinus last night but today I'm feeling almost my old self again:)

So far we have been very lucky this winter. We had our second serious snowfall last night that gave us a dusting of snow this morning. It looks like we may be getting more rain next week so this snow will probably be gone soon:) It's so weird. It feels like spring but it's only January. I'm not complaining:)

Take care.


  1. So pleased your 'home made' remedy has made you feel better - I shall look forward to seeing your interesting work throughout the year!

  2. Hope you're all done being sick. It is going around but it looks like you dealt with it successfully.
    Good luck with the challenge.

  3. Loved your post on how to deal with prescription drugs ie decide not to take them. I always think that the possible side-effects sound worse than the original ailment.


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