Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas came early:)

I was very fortunate to win a very cute snowman in a giveaway by Wendy of WendyCarole's Stuff:)

Here are some pics.....

He's made of lovely soft white fur with a sweet little hat and a knitted scarf. He even has a sprig of holly and berries on his cute:)

Take care:)


  1. it is fun when you win things isn't it? He's cute too

  2. He is just so cute - well done on winning him!

  3. So cute!! What fun to win him!!

  4. IOf Wendy made him :-) he is beautifully made :-) Hey mouse take note.... what are you sewing now ?
    :-) XXX
    lovely win Mary Ann. Wendy will be so pleased he went to a good home X

  5. SCOREEE! That guy is adorable! I like his earmuffs.

  6. I sure hope you buy lottery tickets Mary are soooo very lucky with winning things....


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