Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wrapping Paper Topiaries......

This is for all of us who have tons of wrapping paper that is not quite the right size for that giftie........or for people like me who use gift bags and now have tons of wrapping paper not being used:)

52 Mantels
A simple little project that doesn't take too much time. This idea is from.....52 Mantels...go here and see how it's done:)

Take care.

p.s. You could use fabric instead of paper:)


  1. I can imagine a sea of these - or should I say a forest? very effective!

  2. I like these. They are very impressive

  3. hey... here they are ....the simpler paper cone trees! I knew there must be one for me the non quilter.... hahahhah...too funny....

  4. I made some of these out of fabric on monday. They looked great.

  5. Hi MaryAnn,

    So cute! Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you had a nice day!


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