Saturday, November 12, 2011

What you always wanted for Christmas.....

A free Holiday Mitten Ornament pattern ............!!!!!!!!

I know:)..... not what you expected eh? Hee. Hee.

I haven't posted a freebie in awhile. I was looking for some easy peasy ornaments to make for my Christmas tree and I found this one in my email today from Sew What's New .......

Photo from Oliver + S

Photo from Sew What's New
The idea is from a blog called Oliver + S and the pattern can be found here in PDF form.

If your like me and like to see how it's done in pictures there is a Flickr group just for that.......Here. Click on the pics and there are instructions written underneath.

Aren't they sweet.........go crazy decorating them and have fun:)

Take care.


  1. So sweet! I am planning a new advent calendar this year, and some of these would be a great addition to it! Thank you!

  2. Ditto cute Mary Ann!

  3. They are really striking and look easy enough even for me to do


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