Monday, October 24, 2011

The Green Man Class.....

Well I had fun at the CreativFestival and of course bought stuff I probably don't need. The show is mainly focused on quilting and of course there are lots of vendors selling yummy fabric. I was looking for solid colours in fat quarters and I hit the motherlode and bought some beautiful Robert Kaufman high count cottons. I bought a multi colour selection and then because I couldn't help myself I bought the purple bundle as's so beautiful I don't know if I will ever take it apart.........LOL

I took some pics but as usual it's raining so the colours are a bit off. It seems that all we are getting lately is rain and more rain:(

Then I took the Green Man class with Colleen Babcock. It was so much fun. Colleen provided the pre-made head and all the supplies. She then showed us how to draw the face, colour it and then do soft sculpture to bring out the features. She is a wonderful teacher and I learned quite a lot in the three hour class.

This is a picture of what the finished face should look like....

Here is my effort.....

I gave my guy green eyes instead of blue:)

Take care:)


  1. What a great face. I stayed away from the festival this year since I knew I didn't need anything. Perhaps I'll go next year.

  2. Those Robert Kaufman fabrics look such stunning colours, even if you think the rain light has taken some of their zing away! And your Green Man is incredible. Colleen Babcock may be a wonderful teacher, but you have lots of talent too, to reproduce it so well!

  3. LOVE your Green Man head Mary Ann!!!Good job!!Yes the green eyes are better I think too!!

  4. I love those purple fabrics! Your green man is wonderful, if slightly scary!!

  5. Ooooh, those fabrics!! I love the purples and plums! I used to quilt and have loads of fabrics here. It's so addicting!!!

    Your Green Man is very cool--you are very talented in making faces.

  6. I haven't been by here in ages! Can't imagine why not!
    And your fabric pics made me salivate!
    Lovely Green Man--I could se him nestled among the branches of a potted plant or Christmas tree. Utterly charming.

  7. That soft sculpted head is really lovely. It must have been fun to make those features emerge.

  8. That is one excellent green man, wow, you are very talented.

    I have a new blog about cabbage patch dolls


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