Thursday, September 22, 2011


I haven't posted for a bit so I thought I should.

Last Saturday we went to the Black Creek Annual Pioneer Festival.

Black Creek Pioneer Village is an assemblage of old buildings that was established by our parks commission originally in 1960 on a site that is about 100 acres. They started adding buildings over the years and it really came into it's hey day in the mid '70's. It is a small time capsule of what an old Ontario village would have looked like. When you are there surrounded by all the trees, smelling the wood smoke and wandering along the dirt roads you really can get away from it all and get into the spirit.

This is the second year we have gone to the Annual Pioneer Festival. There are two things that make people go back year after year....the home baked pies....they are usually sold out in the first hour....and the Mennonite Quilt Auction.

Oh, and the Canadian Back Bacon on a bun.....yum yum....and, hand-made ice cream....delicious:) There are other baked goods for sale as well which are extremely reasonably priced.......all the proceeds go to various volunteer groups that help run the festival for the's a blurb if your interested to know more:)

There is a lot to see and experience but the festival is really all about the Quilt Auction.....Sorry no pictures as I didn't bring a camera. They offer gorgeous one of a kind hand sewn quilts made by the various Mennonite communities in our area. Just stunning works of the quilter's art. I didn't stay for the auction as it was later in the day and we visited the festival first thing in the morning as it's also all about those pies:)

Fortunately I later discovered that my son had his Blackberry...with a dying battery....typical:) So the day was saved with a few pics. My son can take pictures with anything and they turn out amazing.

It's really a lovely place to visit.......

There were two young Clydesdale horses that were loverly but I don't have any pictures as my sons disappeared for a bit......turns out they got side tracked and were visiting the village brewery......sampling the beer that's made there...oh well.....

There were sheep....

And, pigs......

And chickens......

And, a very angry ugly turkey....boy was he angry. Some teenagers had riled him up and he was in full display. My son couldn't get a good picture of him as he kept moving. Here's a close-up...

There was also beautiful fresh picked corn on the cob.......
 My granddaughter really liked it....note her grip on that cob:)
She may not have many teeth but that didn't matter......:)

All in all it was a beautiful crisp fall this point the battery was were my feet:)
Son, granddaughter and daughter-in-law going up a very steep hill.....arrrgggh. I was following very slowly behind....:)
Take care.

p.s. I have finished my challenge doll for the CDA fairy challenge and will post pics as soon as my son takes some.


  1. I haven't been to Pioneer Village in a long time and didn't know they had a Pioneer Festival. Maybe I'll go next year. Thanks for the photos - I love the animals and your granddaughter is so sweet all in pink with her corn.

  2. Looks like you had a super day out! Gorgeous photos of your granddaughter. Just as well I wasn't there, or I might have spent far too much money on quilts (and pies!!)

  3. Sounds like a lovely day. Will check that out when we get there. Pics lovely, baaaaaa.

  4. Hello Mary Ann, I love your beautiful blog!
    I also love BCPV! My husband and I almost got married in the little white church there, many years ago. It is a lovely place to visit and the festival sounds fab. Now though, I live down in the states so I haven't been there in a while. Thank you for the trip down memory lane!

  5. Dang, I wanted to see the quilts. I'm sure they didn't go for cheap--those Amish and Mennonite's work is incredible and are never inexpensive.

    Love the corn pics! :)


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