Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cloth Doll Artistry Fairy Doll Challenge Entry.....

Well the challenge due date is over so I can show you what I made with the Faylinn Fairy pattern that all of the entrants used.

If you want to make the doll yourself you can find the free pattern at Clothmatters here....It's a tiny shelf sitter fairy about 12 inches in length.

My son took a couple of pictures for me but then he said that my pictures weren't bad....

She has big hair.....:)

I found making the face the hardest part because it was a very small area to work in. My fine motor skills aren't what they used to be...LOL

I used freezer paper for the pattern which I then ironed on to my fabric. It gave me more control and accuracy for the small body pieces and now I'm a convert. I will be using freezer paper again.

Her dress is made from the petals of a silk flower and some recycled gift ribbon. I had some hot pink scrapbook trim which I used as an embellishment. Her wings are flower leaves. Her hair is fake fur. I bought a remnant of it for 25 cents about 30 odd years ago and now I have finally used a bit.
I'm pretty pleased with how she turned out as I'm fairly new to doll making and this is the smallest doll I have ever made.

Take care.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I really love the way her dress and wings came out!

    And, I really like her legs they are just so fairy-ish!

  2. She's very sweet! And what great detail~

  3. She's a cutie all right!Hope you keep on with the doll-making. Yoy're doing a good job!!

  4. She is beautiful!! I can't imagine making something so tiny. That is sooo hard!


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