Friday, September 9, 2011

Bamboo Oracle Week Two..........

Well today I received further lessons for the class and this doll's construction is very cool.........and, I found out why the Supplies Shopping List included a pair of patterned ladies or men's socks :)
What it is supposed to look like. Pic stolen from pattern directions.
It's curly toes are actually to hold your glasses so if you are like me you will always be able to find them. See it's a play on It is looking through a magnifying glass that you use to see those tiny joiny screws that always come loose. And, it's bag holds a tiny screw driver to fix same:)

I was going to show you my step by step process but then I realized I would be giving away class secrets and that wouldn't be fair to Colleen.

I will show some pictures of the beginning, the middle...the pain and strife.... and hopefully the end product when it's finished:)

One thing, though, I'm not going to use the Duponi Silk that the Supply List suggests. I went to my local fabric store and it was $40 per yard and up and I only need small pieces. I did some on-line research and I did see plain white Duponi Silk for $9.25 USD per yard that I could dye I guess but that's way to messy and too much bother.

I have tons of fabric already so, I've decided to use what I have here in my stash.

I also needed some Wonder Under so I went on a little shopping trip to Sew Sisters which is an amazing Quilt Shop near me here in Toronto.

I also picked up many a few stray fat quarters at $3.25 and $1.75 each.......I recently paid $4.25 each and up. The store has really top quality fabric....all the big company names.  So beautifully arranged by colours and shades. It was gorgeous. I could have bought the whole store......eeek.

It's a good thing the hubby was with my elbow....breathing down my neck...asking what I was going to make...sigh. It was a good thing:(

Take care.

p.s. I did say that he didn't NEED to come in the store but he didn't take the hint as he knows me too well.......hee hee.


  1. How is it that husbands can be such a dampener on shopping- just as well though in this case!!
    Wonderful fabric shops are a joy!It's easy to overspend!!So easy....
    Love this doll Mary Ann.It wilkl look just gorgeous!!

  2. The doll looks very intricate! Lucky you to have found some bargain fabrics - it's all so expensive these days. I wonder what you will make with your purchases - such fun deciding!

  3. I love quilt stores--the fabric is incredible! It's not cheap though, hence my quilting days are sort of at a stand-still at the moment.

    I can't wait to see your version of this guy!


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