Saturday, May 14, 2011

This, that and the other....

Things have been pretty quiet around here. I've been messing about and tidying things ribbon drawer is a mess:(

Remember this stuff...
It's Stef Francis 5400 rayon thread that is to be used for the tail of the Damselfly I'm presently making......I finally had to do this with it because it was impossible stuff to work with.....
It is rayon that's been spun and twisted and it unravels at the ends as you look at it and it's like a snake. It wraps around itself and ends up it knots and twists.....arrrgghhh

One of the things they suggest for the Damselfly wings is that you use scrim that's been stained using steel wool and white vinegar.......Ha Ha.......tried that and the steel wool didn't rust. 

They are supposed to look like this.....
I'm trying tea bags now....:)

The weather is rainy here at the moment. I explained to Smokey and Deva that they can't go out but they refuse to believe me. Here they are waiting at the back door....
It's blurry because they kept moving their heads...drat:)
They are not allowed out unless someone goes with them as they are indoor cats. We have a large fenced back yard but Smokey has managed to get out once by climbing the roof of the garden shed. He ended up in the pool enclosure in our next door neighbour's back yard. So now he is watched and he's pretty good...... most times.

Oh....I almost forgot. I opened an least I hope I did.....I stressed myself out reading all the stuff and do's and don'ts. I'm not sure if I did it right or not:(

Anyway, it's called "Mainly Mice" I still have some tweaking to do re policies etc.

I also opened another blog called Mainly Mice in March because I was thinking of selling from there using PayPal. I have seen other bloggers doing that as well. And, even though the blog has virtually no activity I have 24 followers:)

So that's it for now:)

Take care.


  1. Ha!Nothing like a Gloomy Day to have a tidy-up. I thought I was the only one who didn't have a Nice Neat pile of ribbons..whew!!
    Love your cats.Our Puss sniffed Every corner of the garden and house when she came home with us from her short stay at the vet surgery where they have boarding for cats. She has followered us everywhere since!Poor puss!

  2. Lots going on!! Wonder if those cats would help with the organization of the ribbons?

  3. Hobbes keeps going to the door and then runs away when I open it and show him that it is cold and rainy here. Sometimes I let him out in front so he can sit on the front porch and just enjoy the fresh air. It's so darn rainy that he doesn't go off that porch!

    Poor kitties! I hope it stops raining so they can go outside again soon!

  4. Sounds like you've been busy! The cats look like they are waiting very unpatiently. LOL


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