Friday, May 20, 2011

Printing on fabric.....

Recently I received an advertisement email from and in it it had a blurb about using Scratch-Foam as a way of printing on fabric. Now I had been looking into methods of printing images on fabric but this wasn't what I was looking to do.

However, I saw another blurb about it today and I wondered if anyone out there might be interested. I guess it's the new thing to do:)

This is the Joggles tutorial video and blurb here....."Making A Print Plate With Scratch-Foam"

"Scratch-Foam" is a product and I'm not endorsing the use of it because I think you could re-use those foam meat trays that you get from the supermarket to do the same thing. Don't you think???

Here is another little blurb from The Hive.........."Easy Printing On Fabric".

I love the fact that she has paint all over her fingers because that's what happens to me. I usually get covered in paint:)

I think this would be an excellent rainy day craft project for kids (with regular acrylic paint instead of fabric paint) those foam trays ladies:)

Take care.


  1. Hmm... That is pretty interesting...
    Thanks for sharing the link. I might have to try that some day.

  2. oh thank you I'm going to come back & give this a good look !

  3. just thinking of colour on fabric leads me to ask...have you tried flower pounding Mary Ann? just need a hammer .... and some flowers... lol....

    I did some on a lovely piece of satiny crepe one year....beautiful flowers appear as if by magic ... ...
    I don't know what this foam scratching is..but, I'm off to look..

  4. Hi Mary Ann,

    Thanks for sharing these links. Manipulating fabric is something I'm really interested in right now. I can't wait to try this. Thanks also for your comments. I want to do some outdoor craft fairs this summer too.



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