Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On a wing and an arrrgh....

So I made the wings for the Damselfly after a few complications rust wise. I couldn't get the first type of steel wool I used to rust the first time around so I decided to use part of an SOS (Brillo) pad instead because they always rust when you don't want them to so it was an obvious solution:)

Anyway it worked a treat and I ended up with a piece of scrim (cheesecloth) that was very very rusty indeed.

Next step was to create the wire armature to put the scrim on....ahem. The pattern calls for 19 gauge dark annealed steel wire. Right. Everyone has some of that around the house.  I had no idea where to get said wire so I went to Micheal's. They had lots of different types of wire for jewellery making so I made two choices so I wouldn't have to go back and forth to the store.....20 gauge silver coloured copper wire and 18 gauge aluminum.

I ended up using the aluminum as it was much more malleable and I was able to get the shape that the pattern called for.......

The wing span is about 15 inches.

You make four seperate wings. Next time I think I will try to make two wing units......a one piece continuous shape. If you make this pattern you'll see why when you go to join your pairs together. The pattern suggests using florist wire to join the pieces in the middle. I decided that it was a bit too flimsy so I glued the wings together at the middle using super tacky glue. After it dried I then used brown florist tape to further bind them as it sticks to itself and it is much neater.

To finish the wings off, it further suggests that you wrap felt around the wing middle and stitch it, covering them before attaching them to the Damselfly. I decided to use something a bit more decorative. I have some bits of lace that I will dye to match the scrim (probably four oval ones) and then cover the join by glueing them to cover the tape. I think it would be a better finish.

So, that's all I can show you at the moment. The rest will have to be a secret until my swap partner gets the finished Damselfly sometime after May 30th.

This was a really different pattern to make. I enjoyed it immensely.  I have another pattern by the same designer called "Painting Her Roses Red" ....
Designer Cindee Moyer
I think I'll make that next:)

Take care.


  1. The wings are beautiful and you are so talented but I think I'll stay with cross stitch.

  2. Those wings are GREAT!!
    Your doll- GORGEOUS!!!LOVE that red!

  3. I am also doing the swap, but I am not your partner :) My problem was the head - could not find the instructions for attaching.I can't wait to see all the pictures. Hugs Sharon

  4. I can't wait to see what you come up with!!! Ooooh, I'm excited to see it!


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