Monday, May 23, 2011

Damselfly done......

Well she's done and I have sent her on her way to my swap partner.

My partner likes shades of purple so......
It was very hard getting a good picture because she is fairly large......her wing span is about 15 inches and she's about 16+ inches in length. Her wings and body were spot dyed with rust from steel wool. I then dabbed gold paint on her wings to give them a bit more colour. Her body and head are covered with Stef Francis 5400 rayon thread. Her middle is covered with a bit of vintage beaded trim. The beads are in shades of blue and mauve. On her head is a small piece of gold vintage lace with a small purple swarovski crystal in the middle. Her face is coloured with pencil and crayon.

She looks very Art - Deco........maybe I was channeling Erté.

The light was terrible for taking pictures as we have had rain almost non stop. We've broken the all time record for rain in May.

Take care:)


  1. Love this one Mary Ann!! It turned out so well.
    Gosh we have been hearing about your rain over here. I think the world has gone mad!!!The tornadoes too..must be horrifying.

  2. Oh, she is incredible!! I love the "waistband"!! You did a great job and whoever is getting this is very lucky indeed!! Good Job, pally!!!

    (We broke rain records for April. I know the feeling.)

  3. Oh, Mary Ann, she's beautiful! She does have an Art Deco/Erte feel. The trim and thread is gorgeous!Beautiful face, just lovely. :)

  4. So sorry to have missed this post Mary Ann. ->
    Hey mouse stop that ->
    You'll mess up the pin cushion ------------>
    Little devil .....
    I adore your damsel I would love to see her around the frog pond. ah....


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