Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why I don't like April.......

Alexander Leo Bonner
born 13 April 1914 Londonderry, Ireland - died 17 April 1976 Waterdown, Ontario, Canada

I started my genealogical research to find out about my dad's family and so far I haven't found much. Research in Ireland is fraught with so many difficulties. I press on and some day I'll be successful. He knew all about it, his family, but he never talked about them.

Ah well, I never asked the right questions:)

Take care.


  1. A sad anniversary indeed. My husband also attempts to find information about his Irish roots and has difficulty.

  2. It's March for me - my Mum's birthday (she died 15 years ago) and the anniversary of my Dad's death (five years ago).

  3. Aw.
    The bluebells are out here....
    Don't know much about my roots from Ireland either. Ireland, Wales and a bit of Cornwall, lots of Celt :-)xxx

  4. I hope you can find out what you want. My cousin is researching the family tree on my Grandfather's side & I have inherited some wonderful photo albums. We both think it's so sad that we are not likely to find out who the older ones were in the very old photos.

  5. Have you tried They have quite a few record there. Good luck in the research!


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