Friday, April 1, 2011

I Got Mail!!!!!!..........

Do you remember the giveaway I won from Fabric Addictions? Well, the package arrived and I'm thrilled at all the goodies I received.

The suspense....
and,...the reveal.........:)
Fabric........and a beautiful feather
A pair of hand made fairy wings.......
and lots of trim... ribbon, lace, feathers, flowers, mohair for hair.....

and more ribbon and trim, amazing beaded braid (enlarge the pic to see), beads, and bling......and some vintage pictures for ATC's.

You can see that I received loads of goodies that I can make lots of stuff from....the first thing will be a fairy for those wings.

I'm going to have so much fun:)

Take care.


  1. What lovely Goodies!!Those wings are spectacular.Lucky you!!
    looking forward to seeing what you make.

  2. I am totally jealous! There is some lovely bits and pieces in there. What a treat! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create as well! Thank you for all the lovely comments on my blog too.

  3. Everything looks scrumptious. The wings are gorgeous.


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