Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter to you all.......

May all of you and your family enjoy the Easter holiday.

This is a very old postcard that I had forgotten about and just found the other day. It was printed by The Valentine & Sons Publishing Co., Ltd.

A little history......

Valentine & Sons Publishing Co.   (1907-1923)
Montreal, QC and Toronto, ON, Canada
The Canadian office for Valentine’s of Dundee, Scotland. They published souvenir books, greeting cards and view-cards of Canadian scenery. These tinted halftone and collotype cards were printed in Great Britain. Valentine sold their Canadian branch in 1923.

I bought this card, and a few others, in about 1970 from a young man who was selling the contents of his grandmother's house. He had inherited her home that at that time was about 120 years old and it was full to the rafters with family memorabilia that he didn't want. I bet he's kicking himself in the butt now. Imagine, selling all that stuff away to strangers.

Take care.

p.s. I just noticed one of the cards I bought is from 1876 :)


  1. I love old postcards and what a work of art this one is!
    Happy Easter to you and yours too.

  2. The card is lovely. I cant imagine selling precious things that have belonged to your family.

  3. Young men...they just think "old stuff"= no value.

  4. Hello Mary Ann,
    Your pretty postcard attracted my attention,
    what a beautiful old card !
    I have a small collection myself.
    Wish you a happy Easter time,

  5. Dear Mary Ann, this is a very lovely easter card, I love old cards too
    Happy Easter to you and yours

  6. Happy Easter. Your cards are very pretty. I had a lovely Easter family day yesterday and now must start packing for my trip.

  7. Hello Mary Ann, Happy Easter to you and yours. You have one of the prettiest blogs on the web!

  8. What a beautiful card and thank you for the history behind it. Happy Easter to you and yours! Deb

  9. Lovely card! I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!!


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