Thursday, March 31, 2011

My feet are killing me.......

So I had a fun fun day at the One of a Kind Show:)  I was very good and didn't buy too much.

I bought my usual...a couple of jars of Herb Jelly from Tangled Garden which is a Nova Scotia based company that makes the most amazing gourmet hand-crafted jelly, jam, chutney, mustard, vinegar and honey.......yum yum:)

This time I bought their Horseradish Jelly for the hubby and for myself I bought some Hot Dilly Cuke Jelly which I have already tried with cheese and it was delish.

Then, I was so happy to see glass artist Charles Ciupa. I had bought a sun catcher from him in a previous year and of course I bought a new one this year. I tried to take a picture but the light is the pits snowed again.

I had bought one of his's a pic from his site....
And this year I bought a hummingbird......

Mine is a bit different with blue and mauve beads...
He makes such delicate little pieces that are just lovely in your window on a sunny day:)

And, I bought some greeting cards from Janice Lutsenko who is a dried flower artist......she makes really beautiful delicate pictures. Unfortunately the pictures on her website do not do her work justice. In person they are the deep colours of the natural materials that she uses.
I scanned one of the stuff:)

Strangely, there were almost no vendors with dolls or teddy passion.... or anything in that genre except one new young artist by the name of Lesley-Anne Green who made very sweet felted animals.

I could go on and on and on but......Anyway, I'm a big supporter of hand made products and it's great to see that there are so many talented artists still working and producing such amazing work.  A good day but as the blog title feet are killing me:)

Take care:)

 p.s. I got the bib with a little butterfly:)

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  1. That all sounds fabulous - I would have loved to have been there!


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