Monday, March 14, 2011

Munday, munday......

I know that the difference to us with daylight savings time is only one hour but it confuses me for a couple of days. I realized yesterday that I am subliminally influenced by the level of light around me. I made dinner "late" according to some members of my family because I made dinner at new time 7:00 by the clock but to me (who didn't look at the clock) it was 6:00 old time which is when I usually start making dinner......does that make sense. Never mind. I'm so confused:)

I found a very interesting blog yesterday called Art Doll Artists. I'm not sure how I came across it because I tried to put a link here to it for you to view but I can't. It seems to be cached.

But, I can link you to one particular post about sculpting dolls .....part of a tutorial by the Creagers here dated May 2010 which I thought was very useful for anyone interested in trying their hand at sculpting using Super Sculpey.

Also, here there is a post about a free doll class by Linda Misa that she hosts on Yahoo. Linda's blog is called Tact-lise

I joined Linda's Yahoo group and took a look at her class which you can find there under "Files". It's self paced and you can download each section to follow on your own. It's not a complicated doll and I thought her technique for building more defined facial features was very good and I'm going to try it myself.  There is also another free pattern for a male figure called Soccer Sam.

Another useful resource for dollmakers is a free quarterly newsletter called   "Creative Costuming"  by doll artist Adele Sciortino. It is a beautifully produced newsletter in full colour. It just requires that you register on the site and you then get notified when the latest issue is available. Once you register you can also access any back issues.

Take care:)

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  1. Hi Mary Ann, don't feel bad i served dinner a 7pm too i forgot to change the stove clock and we usually eat at 6 ttfn :)


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