Monday, March 7, 2011

The Isle of Man

So, I have been fairly good in the last couple of days in not boring you with my strange interests:) But, well you's my blog and I can do what I want......that sounded like a song lyric didn't it.

As you know, I do genealogical research and I have investigated various parts of the world but I think the most interesting was researching the Isle of Man.

My husband's paternal great great grandparents were from the Isle of Man.

It took me ages to figure out  all the land divisions ....parishes, sheadings, treens, quarterlands and so on. I had to have a map handy at all times because I would get totally lost. Compared to the other places I had researched, it was a foreign land in many ways.

I mean look at their cows.......

If you want to see more of their painted Cow Parade go here.

It doesn't end there...oh no...have you seen their sheep?.....eeeek!

Aren't they cute? They are a breed called Loaghtan sheep. They can have anywhere from two to six horns!

An interesting fact is that they don't dye the wool from this breed as the wool is sensitive to the chemicals in the dye. When the wool is woven it has a speckled look.

I think it would be an interesting place to visit.......

Take care.


  1. I've never been either :-) I would end up bringing a manx cat back :-) xxx

  2. What is with those horns on those sheep???! Criminy. What's a sheep to do with cheek horns?!

  3. We have a slew of painted cows here too.... after all we are not called Cow Town for nothing.... and, most especially around Stampede time...but, I do think a lot of them are permanent instalments.


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