Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bargoon daze.......

Lately I have been having a lot of difficulty getting good quality polyester stuffing at a reasonable price. So, on Tuesday I went to Zeller's to have a look. They didn't have any at all but I remembered another doll makers' suggestion that bed pillows have very good stuffing in them at a reasonable price. Well, it turned out to be my day.  Zeller's had a sale on bed pillows. They had a four pack of Wabasso pillows for $20.00 plus tax......and if you buy one pack you get one free.  That's one get one free!!!!..........eight pillows for $20.00.

So, I get home and I'm in my sewing room.  I take one pillow out to look at and then I lay it to one side. The rest were still in the plastic bag they came in ......I left the room for about 3 minutes....and I came back to this....


Where the heck did she come from? So I removed her and moved the pillows. Ha! Deva was not deterred by that...Oh no...not Deva:) She came back to have another look.

And she looked.....
And the pillow fell......

And, well....I took pity on her:)

After all that hard work she needed a rest.

Take care.


  1. Eight pillows! I'm sure you must be able to spare one for Deva.

  2. LOL...I admire her spirit! :)

  3. Deva, perfect name for a devious cat. (and beautiful too). Thankyou for visiting Like it or Lump it. It's good to have lots of people popping in. Hope you come back soon. x

  4. She's just "inspecting". sheesh. ;)

  5. That does look like a very good snoozy kitty pillow! :)


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