Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snowy Sunday.......

Yes...more snow. It looks so pretty but it's getting deeper:(

Here is a picture of Deva looking oh so sweet and innocent.....ha!

Take care:)


  1. Hi Mary Ann, loving your cats...I have 2 cats also, Siamese cats called Dina and Luna - they are so noisy at times. They can sound like babies crying...they're my fur babies! Lol Nice looking blog, so fresh and light!

  2. Hello...welcome to my blog. Thank you for the kind words...Oh! and thank you for becoming a follower:)

  3. Hi Maryann...thanks for connecting with me...I love your cat...she's a beaut!!!

  4. Thanks Colleen...her mum was a feral cat and Deva is a bit like her. But, instead of being quiet she is extremely vocal....always has her two cents to put in....if she isn't talking she's purring...:)


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