Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another day...

So the mice are getting there although my target for Friday may be too optimistic. I've been following the One World One Heart blog event....I think I've looked at about 275 sites and I just looked at the current total of participating blogs and it's now 642. I think I'll give it up for now...I still have until February 16th/17th to check them all out but if they add any more sites...eeek.

So here are some of the mice....almost there.

I don't know if I like the fit of the red dress...hmmm.

For the bride challenge I thought I'd get out a very old pattern and be nostalgic. It's a Simplicity pattern for Barbie that was published about 1961/62. I did some research on the pattern today out of curiosity. It was 0.50 cents when it was first printed and I found someone who has it listed for sale now for $25.00.

You can see by the picture that the styles were very simple. My mum made the long dress (the bride's dress) for my Barbie doll out of scraps of teal peau de soie left over from a dress she made for my Aunt Mary. My aunt was going to some big event at the Royal York in Toronto.

I loved that Barbie dress...it had a nice flourish at the back. Anyway I have a bit of satin left over from my wedding dress...yes my mum made that too:) I have just enough and with a bit of trim it will be very nice I think.

Sorry about the quality of the pic. I took it with the light from my desk lamp. It's a very dark day here. We are expecting a huge snow storm tonight so tomorrow should be a fun day digging out. It sounds like it might be a bad one. They have started broadcasting severe storm warnings on the radio. They are calling for up to 40cm for some areas... hopefully not on my street.

I thought you might like to see some of my other mice. I really like making mice for some reason.

They look like they are having a little chit chat....they've been to market and have their baskets full. I wonder if they like my idea about the Barbie dress?

Talk to ya later:)


  1. I love all of your mice. I think the red dress is sweet and looks great!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today on your OWOH journey! I love your sweet mice and if you do end up adding your blog to the list, please let me know. I hope you're having as much fun with this as I have been (it's my first time). I can't believe you've only been blogging for such a short time—you're doing a great job!

    *Ü* Lori of Ashlyn Design (OWOH #347)

  3. love your sweet little mousies... I see you belong to Clay and Cloth dolls.... I'll have to look for you over there....


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