Sunday, February 20, 2011

100 Happy Days 14 I'm at day 14.........only 14 days.........geez it seems longer. I'm blaming the weather.

I was reading a blog the other day about a couple that had moved into their dream house in Dallas. It was a lovely house but I took exception when she described it as vintage mid-century.....built in 1962. Wait a minute!!!!................vintage?............mid-century? OK, I agree with the mid-century but vintage? I predate 1962 and I am NOT vintage! So there:)

Moving along........I like vintage fashion:) I like paper and making stuff with paper:) So I thought I'd show you some vintage fashion made of paper.

These beautiful creations were made by Isabelle de Borchgrave. 

All images courtesy of Google Images.


p.s. I'm not so sure I like counting days.........:(  What happens if I stop? Do I dare?


  1. oh my! what paper pretties! These are gorgeous finds! And lol about the 'vintage' 1962....I've always heard that look called Mid-Century Modern. That sounds better, yes? ;)

  2. OMG, you are on day 14 of 100?? Yikes. I don't think I would make it. Keep going--I'll just cheer you on, okay?? hee! Hee!

    Oh, these are very cool! Are they really full-size dresses of paper and not miniature??? WOW!

  3. Oh...I should have added that the dresses are life size and hand painted...:)


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