Thursday, February 17, 2011

100 Happy Days 11

I really love buttons. If I go into a fabric store or craft store I always buy some buttons. I don't know why.  I very rarely use them when I sew so I've ended up with quite an eclectic collection over the years. I also have some that belonged to my mum. I have some that are very old given to me by a friend who passed away many years ago....lots of old mother of pearl. Lots of vintage buttons. Buttons that have a long history.

Every so often I take them out and consider them wondering what I should do with them. Some I don't want to part with of course. But, realistically, what do I want with a bunch of buttons. I have no one to leave them too. I have sons and they aren't really into buttons.

So of course, when I received an email today about buttons from an online group that I belong to called Sew, What's New,  I had to take a look:)

The idea was for a Button Jar Quilted Wall Hanging. It was OK but that wasn't what caught my interest was an additional link regarding a Button Art Showcase. Naturally I hyper-linked to take a look and found some really neat creations......

These are by a mixed media artist called Catherine Otto.  I like them.

Then, I had one of my AHA! moments. I think I may have a few ideas now what to do with some of my buttons.  I think I'd like some pictures made with buttons on the wall of my sewing room. Then I can take my buttons out of their box forever and look at them all the time.

But, best  of all I found out that........eeeek..........they have a Button Collecting still my heart:)  Hmmmm........should I?

Take care:)


  1. hahaha be still my heart! Thats exactly the way I feel with all these creative sites I've been roaming! So much fun! And I love those button art pieces! how faboo are those!

  2. WOW they are just gorgeous aren't they?


  3. Yes I thought they were really wonderful. I googled to see if I could find a website for her but no joy.

    Mary Ann


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