Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Yes...I'm afraid I'm a victim of this dreaded disease. I'm sure all new bloggers must be. I have changed the look of my page several times....ok a lot of times....geez who's counting anyway.... just to see what fits with the templates that offers. I know I'm not finished yet but I'll leave it alone for awhile.

I finally found a header where my blog title actually fits. It kinda suits the title "My Tate Gallery" as it is a "version" of Raphael's Little Angels.

Gallery = Art............oh never mind:)

Maybe some day I'll get a personalized header that relates to what I'm doing but I think I'll keep the cats for now.

I was thinking this morning...always a dangerous thing. I was going to put up some pictures of my sewing/craft room to show you that I did indeed clean it up and how wonderfully organized I am now. I have seen on other blogs where other "Sewer/Crafters" call their spaces "Studios". They are "Artists" but they seem to be doing the same thing I do. So I'm wondering when will I become an Artist and be able to call my little space my Studio. What is the criteria?

Further investigation required.

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