Wednesday, October 10, 2018

TUSAL 2018...and the Full Moon for October

Well it's time for TUSAL. To learn more about TUSAL go here to Daffycat's blog. 

My ORT jar.......

October’s Full Moon is the Hunter’s Moon and every three years it's also the Harvest Moon. It is also called Travel Moon, Dying Grass Moon, and sometimes Blood Moon or Sanguine Moon.

Yes I recall my dad going deer hunting around this time of year. Way the heck up north. I'd have to go with him as my mum worked.and I wasn't old enough to stay home by myself. Then we'd end up with venison which I really dislike. My dad would can the meat in mason jars just like you'd do fruit and pickles and such. Dad would have to cook it when my mum wasn't home...she was a vegetarian. The gamey smell of fresh deer meat when it cooks. Not pleasant. IMHO anyway. He used to put a spice on it to kill the smell. I think he used cinnamon. Didn't help :(

Take care :)