Monday, July 9, 2018

Blogger comments working again.......

I think I finally fixed the comments on this blog and I'm now getting emails when someone comments. Hopefully this will work for everyone. There were two people from before that it didn't work for and now maybe it will. Fingers crossed.

Thank you Mary Anne at Magpie's Mumblings who posted a link to where to find a solution. Go here.

I had to do it twice but it seems to be working now.  I then received an email that asked me if I wanted to subscribe to comments on this blog and I did what it said and now all is well.

Take care:) 


  1. Hi Mary Ann
    I moderate comments and I had to do the same change on the moderation setting. It makes it really easy to reply to comments and keep out those crazies that want me to click on their links.
    xx, Carol

  2. Well it worked for everyone but you two. For some reason I never get emails when either of you comment.No idea why?

  3. Yay - so glad it worked for you too! And yes, I'm noticing that there are a few comments that still don't end up in my inbox....but it was like that before Blog-grrr messed up too. Someone said that perhaps it's because some people are using a yahoo platform somewhere along the line but don't know if that's the case.

  4. Hi Mary Ann,
    Glad it worked for you too! So nice to get those emails again!
    Re those that weren’t coming to the email box before: i wondered if it was because they are google plus bloggers as I know some who blog with Google plus have said they find the system changes their profile to “no reply” bloggers and they have to change the instruction back themselves when they spot it’s happened again!?😊
    Barbara x


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