Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I bought a new book....

I've decided that I know absolutely zero about crazy quilting. I have looked at various blogs and videos and such but I still think that maybe I need a bit more I bought this.....

Allie Aller's "Crazy Quilting"

Specially if I was going to do this doll any justice......
I have moved bits of fabric around here and there and yuck....I have definitely missed the plot somewhere...LOL  I hate wasting lovely fabrics so I decided that before I do it anymore I needed to get more help.

I had seen Allie's work in the past and liked what I saw and then I found her blog......Allie's In Stitches.

It would be fun to take a workshop with her but the book looks pretty good too.

It arrived today:)

It's a very wet day....April showers....a perfect day to cuddle up with a lovely new book.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I have just finished this bed for a doll class I'm taking called The Princess and the Pea.......

Now to make the Princess.

Take care:)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I know.......I haven't been here for awhile.  I have been busy making dolls though.

I managed to get this ridiculous flu/cold thingy that went on and on and on. I have finally stopped coughing most of the time. I've gone for a couple of days now without much hacking and I'm sleeping again at night.

I emailed someone recently and she wanted to know why I was sending her mail at 3 o'clock in the morning. Well if you cough and cough and can't sleep what else is there to do?

Silly woman.....sheesh.

So......hello again and some news:)

Recently I was looking for some fabric to make this doll for an on line class called "Abundance" with the talented Angela Jarecki. As you can see she has a crazy quilted jacket....that's actually what attracted me most. I've always enjoyed embroidery and I've wanted to try crazy quilting so I figured why not:)

This is what I hope mine will look like......

Source: Whimsy Moon
So I went looking for fabric at various stores on Etsy and bought some from Dianem's Etsy Shop as she had some very nice crazy quilting bundles on sale that I thought I could use for this doll.

I'm also a follower of her blog and went over to see what was up and lo and behold she had a giveaway for a crazy quilting selection and guess what.......I won more FABRIC!!!!!!

I really couldn't believe it as I was the last person to put a comment.  I know I've said this before but I should really start buying lottery tickets.

So I received the package today and I thought maybe I'd share what I'd won......lots of pretties to play with........

That last piece is so beautifully crafted.......really lovely.

Take care:)