Thursday, June 28, 2012

Crochet Inspiration......

I was trying to find the source of an idea I saw on Pinterest and ended up at a Tumblr group called The Crochet Collection.

"A small collection of crocheted things ranging from delightfully beautiful to ridiculously wonky."
It might interest anyone who likes to crochet..........tons of pictures from various contributors in a very nice presentation.


FYI: If anyone out there was a follower of Judy's Fabrications you will have noticed that her blog has disappeared. Not to worry...she has started a new one that you can find here......jfabrications

Friday, June 22, 2012

It rained.....

We got a bit of rain yesterday but it was only the edge of the storm. I wanted to take a picture of how dark it became all of a sudden and this is what I got....

You can see hanging in my window a little chickadee stained glass ornament....look at the tree branches behind it.
getting darker and drops of's about 6:00 pm
a gust of wind in the tree branches
more wind...the branches are starting to whip around

so poor camera couldn't decide what to focus
Those branches were whipping around like was very very windy.  Some areas had hail and some even had tornado warnings. Summer is here:)

Take care.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Oooops......I missed TUSAL last month and am two days late this month. Where did June go? Is it me or are the days just flying by? it is empty....yes empty:) It was too full and the threads kept falling out so I am starting with a nice empty mason won't take long to fill it up.

If you are wondering what a TUSAL is go here and read all about it........It's Daffycat.

We're Having A Heat Wave.........

It is so hot here that it is unbearable when you go outside. Specially after leaving the lovely air conditioning. It's so hard to breath as the air is sooooo opening an oven.

On my back porch the temperature is now 35C and rising...eeek. Yesterday my hubby took the temperature of the wood on the back deck......42C.......bare foot burning hot!

And, the humidity.....right now it's supposed to be at 78%'s only June and we have had every possible extreme of weather.

Last night we ate dinner late at about 7:30 and it was still in the 30's......we had cold salad as there was no way I was cooking anything:(

Tomorrow is is going down to 25C with rain hopefully....bliss:)

I received some lovely mail this get my crafty muse in gear again.

I belong to a fabric club at Sew Sisters...a local quilt shop...and every month I receive 10 fat quarters of a coordinated selection of fabrics.

The selection this month was quite different than anything I would normally purchase...which is a good's always a surprise every month:)

I also get 4 fat quarters of Kona plain.......this month the theme was......

Cream, Sour Apple, Tomato and White
AND.......from my lovely blogger buddy Judy...of Judy's Fabrications fame...a Dotee Doll:)

Isn't she gorgeous. The small details are sweet and the face is amazing.

Judy sent this to me as we decided to do a swap after I blogged about Dotee Dolls over here........ and also because I haven't been feeling so great lately. Judy is one of a kind.....she really is.....and she is so talented.

Also, I finally finished a doll I started in March that I made for a Show and Tell Challenge over at Cloth Doll Artistry called "Flower Power". We were to make a doll representing a favourite flower.........after much trial and tribulation.......and a wee bit of swearing.......I made a dandelion doll......Astera Delion.

She will be one of my Monthly Makes for June:) 

So that's it for now. I hope all of you are well. 

Take care:)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


If anyone out there is missing their followers on their blog you might find this interesting......when I am on Firefox I don't see any followers on my sidebar but when I'm on Internet Explorer I do see them.

So.....does this mean that Blogger is not supporting Firefox?

Has anyone had this happen to them as well?

Just wondering:)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

May Make-it.......

Well as I mentioned previously I wasn't able to post my May Make-It as it was a giveaway gift for my other blog "A Cloth Doll Maker's Diary". I have since received word that she has reached her new home so here is a picture of the Woodland by Gingermelon... in shades of brown...........

To get a closer view just double click on the pictures.

Friday, June 1, 2012

What do you do on a rainy day?

It is raining......a lot.........buckets!

In fact we are supposed to be getting even more and even heavier tonight. My garden needs it as it's been way too hot for the month of May. The grass is very brown and dead looking already which is usually something you see in the heavy hot days of August.

With nothing much else to do I decided I needed to do something I have been putting off for awhile. A very long while:)

Make some lined curtains for my son's bedroom....arrrggghhh

I'm a very adept seamstress. I couldn't be anything else with a mother who was a tailoress by trade. I started using her treadle sewing old Singer.... by the time I was about seven. I could just reach one foot on the treadle and get it going and feed the material under the needle.

I grew up in the "trade" in that we lived above my family's wholesale/retail fabric store. We lived in a lovely Victorian house in a very tiny village along a highway. The front and back parlours of the house were the store front and we lived in all the rest. The highway was fairly busy in the day and we would get lots of passing by business. Lots of tourists and such. We had a very large clientele despite our remote location that included of course the villagers and the local farmers. We even were the go to store for the local Mennonite community.

With that kind of background you know I can sew.....I can make almost anything.

However...........I very rarely "sew" now and I absolutely despise making curtains with a passion. I would always get my mum to make them.....:) My mum was a whiz at making anything. I do regret that I didn't learn more of her tricks of the trade. She sewed constantly right up until three days before she died at the age of 90. I really think that's why she lived as long as she did because she had so many ideas in her head of what she wanted to make.

But... I have made a promise so I bought the fabric on Monday. I took the son to Fabricland. He wasn't too comfortable about being there but I figure he had to have some input as he would have to live with it.

I got a bargoon too.........60 inch wide material for $4.75 a yard (it was in metric but I only work in inches and yards) for $19.00 plus tax he will have curtains.

It was in the bargain's really dress or shirt fabric but you can really use anything to make mum did:)

It's kind of a beige grey natural linen looking fabric with a white stripe.....ooops I just realized this is the wrong side...oh well.

Masculine enough and not too dark for the room it's going into. Here is one panel done and dusted waiting to be pressed and hung.

I already had the material that I used for the lining. It's a dress/suit weight material that was left over from our store so it's at least 35 plus years old. I made a promise to use up all my stash of material one way or another.

The material I bought made up beautifully.....I'm really pleased with how it turned out.....

Not bad for someone who hasn't done any major sewing in years... I haven't lost the knack. comments please about the fact that I bought the fabric Monday and I didn't start until Friday....I had to psyche myself up first. more panel to go........I can do it:)

Take care.