Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow day.....

It's quite depressing......we have had very little snow this winter and now at the end of February we have this......

You can't really see it but the flakes are gigantic and wet and slushy and they keep falling :(


  1. It's always the way just as you think spring might be on the way winter comes back.

  2. We're getting that, too. Not so bad if you don't have to go out in it.

  3. t seems unimaginable to me Mary Ann. Today it's going to be 39 C.Summer is having its last fling!

  4. Yeah, same here. We have 20 degrees tomorrow, but Sunday will be 45. So, don't fret--it will all melt soon enough. I always hate those late April snows--talk about depressing!

  5. That is a miserable excuse for snow - yuk! The only snow we had here this year so far was rather wet, and though it fell over night and coated things, it didn't have quite the right sparkle and crunch for me! Hope your weather improves soon!

  6. Boooo to February snow!! We got it last weekend too and it is still here with more predictions of it later this week. We really shouldn't complain as we have had an easy winter here in Canada but gosh...if we didn't complain about the weather, what else would we have to complain about??? LOL!!!

    Let us hope it does not stay long and that spring is just around the corner!!

    xo Catherine


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