Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Furniture make-over using spray paint and lace.....

I found this idea today that I thought was brilliant. Well I liked it away:).......probably not to everyone's taste but I was thinking of using the idea for craft show displays.

kara paslay designs
Using a length of lace.....I actually have a piece of the same lace fabric used for this idea......and a can of spray paint you can get this marvelous lacy finish.

You can find all the how-to's at Kara Paslay Designs...the link is here.

Take care:)


  1. Great idea :-) Just nippin over to the link :-) x x x

  2. Oh, I REALLY like that effect!! How many times can you use the lace though? Is it a big mess?

  3. What a good idea - I wonder if you could do something similar on fabric?


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